Hello everyone :)

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Just wanted to say hello. I'm new to this site, but not new to secret shopping. I've been evaluating people, places and shops for several years and love doing so. The favorite part of doing this is that we can pick our own shops, our own towns, own times, and own types of businesses (or within reason). It's very versatile to say the least and if you have a positive outlook, it helps you help the business. To be honest, business owners aren't looking for the bad apple or the dirty floors, missing items, etc, they truly want to see a well-running business. But sometimes we happen to run across those glitches. In all of my years of doing this, I have to say, there has only been a handful of negatives. Stay focused and positive. Enjoy your shops and have a great day.

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Hey Tamara

Yes! That is why we are independent contractors and not employees. To be able to choose what to do with our time. I hope the US Internal Revenue Service will not touch the IC classification and will simply make companies not abuse this status to save money.

We are all hard workers and we provide a needed service.

Where do you Secret Shop?

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Welcome aboard Tamara! I love your attitude, keep it up!

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Ditto, here, I am new to the forum. Due to a special and often emergency situation, I travel a lot between five states. I've been blessed to work with/through ISS for years. Because I came from Hawaii and expected to go back, I have been car-less a long while and am unable to accept many jobs... one day I'll know where I belong and get back into weekly shopping spree mode. Good luck to everyone; see you around!

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Hi Teraisa,

Thanks for jumping in on the forum! I love seeing veteran shoppers here!

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