Is ISS legitimate and of legitimacy ?

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? Is the ISS platform real and offer a good service to company's and the community
? Is ISS a scam
? Unsure yet
3 days 0 Damion_travelers_way 2

So I Ben active on the site for few months now and was little concerned at first . to find a app that pays u for such a fun job seemed impossible . i messed up and didn't show for my first gig / shop and got penalties and at that point i scene they do have a legitimate point system so I set up another one audit went and did my first audit. And got paid soon after please give them a chance . and the better consistent work I do for them the better and bigger gigs come thank u ISS for such a fun and legit hustle

2 days 0 Ivan 898

Glad to hear you're finding the app useful!

Please keep in mind that iSS does not pay shoppers or post shops/audits - iSS is only there to bring together the shoppers and the Mystery Shopping Providers.


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