Hello from Ontario Canada

1 month 0 Suzanne_16142195813935 2

Hello from Ontario Canada!

I was a mystery shopper a few years ago, then had to stop while recovering from Uterine cancer.

I am hoping to be able to get back into mystery shopping now.

I really enjoyed finding people doing a super job at customer service and letting the franchise owners know about it.

I was a top-rated shopper with several companies prior to my battle with cancer.

Now I am 3 years cancer-free and aiming for five alive.

1 month 0 Martin_Canada 72

Congrats on being cancer-free! I'm in Ontario as well. Not many shops currently due to the pandemic but I'm sure will start picking up once vacinnes start rolling out.

1 month (Edited 1 month) 0 Jenny_16155141835597 1

I'm new to this. Has there been shops lately? If so, how often (e.g. every month? week? etc..) I want to have food shops. I'm sooo bored at home cooking our own food!

1 month 0 LINDA_14996614317791 161

Hi Suzanne and Jenny,

There have not been too many shops, but they will probably come back in two months. In Ontario I have not found many restaurant shops that were not fast food on this site.

1 month 0 Martin_Canada 72

Most fast food chains no longer have mystery shop and were replaced by the restaurant surveys which science has shown people only do when mad or really happy with the service. :-(

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