Not new to mystery shopping but new to this forum

1 year 0 Heather_15084324997763 2

IIv mystery/secret shopped on and off since the late '90's but never knew a legitimate forum existed. I find that refreshing. It would be great to connect with others to better our experiences.

IIs this just for the ISS app subscribers or for all shoppers? I am subscribed to a handful of accounts but prefer ISS. They are easier to navigate and kinder to their shoppers than a few others i use.

Anyway i am from central iowa and woyld love to have coffe with others in my area.

1 year 0 Ivan 630

Hi Heather,

This forum was made by the same folks that made the iSecretShop system and app, and I do think you need to be a registered user at iSS to be able to access the forum, but the community is very welcoming to new members and growing rapidly, so I hope you find plenty of useful stuff and connections here!

1 year 0 Lorelei 2

Hi Ivan, I have been shopping since early 2000's so not new here but I use Sassie and Shopmetrics MSCs more than iSecretShop.

1 year 0 Rosina 1

Is the MSP for more mystery shops?

1 year 0 Ivan 630

Hi Rosina,

There are over 20 different Mystery Shopping Providers that post their shops on iSecretShop, and all shoppers are able to see all shops that they can do right from the moment they create their profile.

And Lorelei, it's great to have someone so experienced here with us!

Good luck with your shops!

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