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Hello fellow secret shoppers,

I have just completed my 1st secret shop. I am trying to do another one, but I keep running into a message that says I must be "certified". I have taken and passed all of the free test. Am I having to purchase the $9 certification in order to get certain jobs?

I got a QUICK reply.....

"Welcome! I appreciate your interest in attaining the Certification to be an Auditor. Please, read through this whole email for important information regarding the Certification process and the shop itself.



To become certified, you must attend the 1-hour New Auditor Certification Session. There is a session every Tuesday at 3:30 pm Pacific/4:30 Mountain/5:30 Central/6:30 Eastern. 


Click the link below to register for the date/time you are available to attend the Zoom Presentation.


CLICK HERE: Certification Zoom Registration Link


IMPORTANT DETAILS (Please read thoroughly)


  1. It is necessary to log into the meeting 5 minutes early; class will start on time. If you are late, you will not be admitted.
  2. You must have a Costco card or know somebody that does, to enter Costco and do these scans. You cannot enter as a “visitor” or with a “gift card.”
  3. There’s no purchase involved for these shops.
  4. The main goal is that you will scan 1800 SKUs (barcodes)/items. You will be scanning all items you typically find in a grocery store.
  5. Scanning days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  6. You will be paid $.06 per SKUplus a BONUS for minimum completion of 1,650 SKUs on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. *However, your actual client disbursement will vary depending on the specific number of SKUs you scan during your visit and when the scans are complete.



During: It’s necessary to take NOTES because once it is over, you will no longer have access to the presentation information.


After: You will take a free test to get certified. Once you have passed the test with a 100%, you will email a BES Team Member (noted in the presentation) to let them know you passed, and you will be immediately certified.



IMMEDIATELY log into isecretshop.com and request as many shops as you’d like. NOTE: Being assigned is not guaranteed, but the more you request, the higher the chance. These shops are available weekly, which means you have an opportunity every single week to get assigned.


HELPFUL INFORMATION (Please read thoroughly)

  1. New auditors, who are beginning and learning the process, usually scan 1,800 items within 8 hours. If you scan 225 items per hour, that’s $13.50 an hour. Experienced auditors doing this for a while usually scan 1,800 items within 4 hours. If you scan 450 items per hour, that’s $27 an hour.
  2. The client also offers bonuses if you COMPLETE a minimum of 1650 scans on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
  3. If you submit/COMPLETE a minimum scan of 1,650 items on Thursday, you will get a $30 bonus.
  4. If you submit/COMPLETE a minimum scan of 1,650 items on Friday, you will get a $25 bonus.
  5. If you submit/COMPLETE a minimum scan of 1,650 items on Saturday, you will get a $15 bonus.
  6. Holidays sometimes affect the shopping and bonus days, and you will be notified if this is the case. 


Please Note: Keep scanning beyond the 1,650, as this project requires 1,800 scans.



Please make sure to download the MissonScanner app. It’s free to download on Apple / iOS or Android. That’s the app you will use to scan the SKUs/barcodes on the items. You will be provided with login information once you are certified. If you have somebody in your life that you 100% trust to share your login credentials with, they can help you scan. If you choose to do this, the client is not paying others who help you scan. You will be the only one paid for the scans, and whatever you want to work out with your fellow scanner is 100% your business. The person helping you scan would need to use their own phone and log in with your credentials.


More questions? Reach out anytime! 



Program Coordinator


 Business Evaluation ServicesDirect Line: (661) 336-2724

Email: carrie@mysteryshopperservices.com

Website: https://www.mysteryshopperservices.com "

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Is this for the in store scanner positions?

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