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1 year 0 Shannon_15096484502704 2

Does anyone know a way to search for a specific shop that is included in the email they send? I see the assignment number but there is no link to select to bring you to the shop or (that I see) a way to search it via assignment number on the ishop site

1 year 0 Ivan 735

HI Shannon,

I usually use the Find function on my browser to search by shop ID - I press Ctrl + F, it open a little search bar at the bottom of my browser window, and I paste the shop ID there.

You can also use the iSecretShop filters to narrow down the search - if you enter the zip code or city name in the search field, or pick a category if the shop (if you know what it is), you can narrow it down to a few shops, making it easy to find the one you're looking for.

I hope this helps!

1 year 0 Norm 168

Searching is as half of the fun as doing the actual shopping.

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