New and confused - 2 questions

22 days +1 Ramona_17000056974536 1

I came to this site via Intouch Insights. Do I understand correctly that there are a number of different mystery shopping companies on here, though? Do you have to sign up for each one separately?

Also, are there shopping tasks where you don't have to pay anything up front? If you do have to pay (for a meal, etc) are you reimbursed and paid the fee also? Or do that vary depending on the task?



21 days +1 Kelli_15440371931063 1

You have to sign each individual contract agreement, and there are tons of shops that you don't have to spend any money up front. You just got to look in the shops there are both web and phone shops as well as I believe just shops available shops it's called button on the ISS website I secret shopper

19 days +1 Michael_17002552539248 1

What is Web and Phone Shops?

10 days +1 Tekela 2

Web and phone shops are shops that only require you to call or use the internet.

9 days +1 Linetta 1

Is it a script to read from? what I'm I suppose to ask?

8 days 0 Kara_16989524263361 6

The MSP will give detailed instructions if you're assigned the shop. Sometimes there's a specific script or scenario that needs to be followed.

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