Finding points

14 days +2 Ericka_17204708111170 1

Hi! Still somewhat new here but where do I find my rating? I use the app and see badges but not my score/rating

Chelsea _16262204553245
13 days +1 Chelsea _16262204553245 13

Unlike other platforms, I've never seen a numerical "shop rating" on ISS. You get points towards the next level, rank wise, and getting badges seems to depend on the editor who grades your shops. Sometimes they count shops towards a specific category and other times, it's just points added to your overall rank.

10 days 0 hollyhoopsss 3

I am also wondering how to see our rank in the leaderboard. I am a bit competitive and want to know how close I am to the top leaders lol.

Chelsea _16262204553245
10 days +1 Chelsea _16262204553245 13

It's been a while since I've used ISS's website. On there you can see your state's leader board. You only see the top 5 and there are never any announcements about it besides the spot on the website.

6 days 0 Michele_15032031952719 368

What others do you use.

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