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Where do I see my badges??

2 years 0 HeatherAnnie 54

When you log in to, your badges will show up in the upper left hand corner under your name and reputation rank.

You can click on them or go to to see more details, including your progress to the next level and unearned badges.

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You can also see your badges on the isecretshop app, after logging in, on the middle area of the top of the screen : you'll see bases with numbers in them. If you just click on any of them, a new screen will open in the app and show you how far away you are from the next badge level for each badge you've received.

1 year +1 Norm 168

Also, if you click on each specific badge you will get additional information. For the general badges, it will just give you a positive inspirational phrase. Four of the shop specific badges, when you click on them, you will see a list of the specific shops you have completed in that category. And if you have the globetrotter badge, you can actually see how many shops you've done in your shopper lifetime. What's up information embedded in them their badges. Happy shopping

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Thanks for the useful info Norm!

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