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For some reason the scheduler I am working with is not getting my emails with the pictures I need. Is there anywhere on the app or the website that will allow me to upload the pictures ? If so I cannot seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated.

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There should be a button you can click on the main evaluation page for the shop.. Or, there may be a group in the shop evaluation that includes a place to upload your photos.

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Hi Michael and Emily

I am Fadi, new here but if you try one image per email message as a test and see if that works. Some email software have limits on attachment size. If that does not work, try DropBox free account.

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AAny thing that reqs a pic will have a pic icon on the bottom of the page of that specific question. If no icon then they don't want pics.

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Definitely....always upload your photos through the job report on the app. That way, you know they are receiving them and you are sending the correct format of photos and only sending the photos when & where in the job report you are supposed to be. You can still take the photos before you fill out the report, just upload them to the report on the app when asked.

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The questionaire has a place to upload the pictures.

The questionaire has a place to upload the pictures.

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