How do you turn in your shop?Is it by email?

1 year 0 Michele_15032031952719 194

Just wondering

1 year (Edited 1 year) 0 MFJohnston 365

You fill out a form online through the iSS website.

1 year 0 Mark_15033271798928 6

You can complete the report online or on the mobile app. When its complete, click on the submit "Finalize" button at the top of the webpage or in the Submit button on the mobile app.

1 year 0 Ivan 798

Yes, like MFJohnston and Mark said, you fill out the online shop report.

Once you have a shop assigned to you, you can always view it on the "Assigned Shops" page - there you can see all shops you have assigned, and can click "Complete Shop" on any of them to see the full shop information, the shop instructions, the questions, or/and fill out the shop report.

When you are done filling out the shop report - you click "Finalize Shop" to submit it - it will be reviewed to editors and either approved, or returned to you for additional information (if so, it will appear back in your "Assigned Shops" page).


1 year +1 Norm 168

When all is written and submitted, you can also see your pending shops waiting for approval at the bottom of your Assigned Shops page. Happy submitting

1 year 0 Michele_15032031952719 194

You go to the button that says complete shop.

1 year 0 LINDA_14996614317791 120

Completing the shop on the app on your phone is the best. Facts are fresh.

1 year 0 MFJohnston 365

I strongly prefer to fill out my reports on a computer as opposed to my phone. Most of the shops I do (aside from video() require narratives and my old fingers write much better on a proper keyboard than on my phone. :)

1 year 0 Michele_15032031952719 194

Yes, I don't do much internet stuff on my phone.

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