Points-45 why?

1 year 0 Arlene_15296244456059 1

Not sure what I did wrong but I'm new

1 year 0 Ivan 684

Hi Arlene,

Negative Points come from shops that you accepted and then canceled, had unassigned because you did not do it, or had the shops declined. If you have questions about the specific circumstances surrounding your drop or decline you should contact the MSP that posted the shop in question.

iSecretShop does not issue or take away shop specific points.

You can also answer Opinion Polls and take courses as they are available on iSS Prep. These will earn you points.


1 year 0 Norm 168

Arlene, also when you contact the MSP for the shop(s) you've done, be sure to ask specific questions, so you get directed and informative feedback. Hope that helps too,

11 months +1 Victor_15282136053295 3

I don't know about Negative Points  but the most important is the progression. The learning curve is different for all ... you have to look at progression and success. It is also important to realize MSP has made commitments with client's that he must respect The MSP team is there to help you out

10 months +1 Norm 168

Thank you Victor for that informative and constructive contribution to this thread. Sometimes it is possible to forget that the MSP has a responsibility to a client, and not just the shopper. Hope this reading is informative

10 months 0 Ivan 684

Very true!

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