Income limits and IRS

3 months 0 FortheSMONEY 24

Is it ISS that imposes the income limits or are the limits inposed by each MSC?

3 months 0 Ivan 593


iSS does not impose any income limits, nor is engaged in the payment process - there are shoppers who earn dozens of thousands of dollars via iSS and use shopping as a primary source of income. It's important to note that iSS is just a platform where you can find shops and fill out shop reports - you are still performing them for the specific MSPs that post them, and those MSPs are paying you.


3 months 0 MFJohnston 132

I don't know of any MSC that imposes income limits......

3 months 0 FortheSMONEY 24

Will I reveive a 1099 from each MSC once I reach $600.00,

2 months 0 MFJohnston 132

Each does it differently. Some have you fill out the 1099 when you sign up, just in case. Others will send it to you when you hit $600 - and withhold pay until you have returned it.

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Is 1099 form for US residents only or for Canadians as well?

2 months (Edited 2 months) 0 Ivan 593

Any Canadian shoppers here that know the answer?

I just found a thread called "Advise on taxation in Canada" - perhaps you can find something useful there?

1 month 0 Norm 168

Each country has its own taxation laws and ways of processing taxes. If you're in Canada, it would be suggested to consult a tax attorney in Canada, and vice versa if you are in the United States. If you are a shopper in both countries, solicit attorneys in both countries. Can't hurt, as long as there's a free consultation. In my opinion, hope this helps.

1 month 0 Ivan 593

That's the best advice, I agree completely!

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