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When I am in my account on ISS I noticed a listing of people with points, how are those point received? Also where on my screen would I find my points. I faintly remember receiving emails that thanked me for my report from ISS and a statement that I had receive a certain amount of points, are htese the points?

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Hi there,

You gain points primarily by successfully completing shops - the amount of points gained is the same for every shop, and it's currently 20 points.

You can also gain points by completing courses on iSSprep.com, and doing Opinion Polls on iSecretShop.

Your total shopper score is not displayed directly anywhere, but is rather displayed as a level of your Reputation badge, and its progress towards the next level.

I hope this helps!

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You can also estimate or guesstimate the number of points you accumulated over your time as a shopper by opening the payment spreadsheet and counting the number of jobs that you've been paid for. Another method, for those shoppers that have the globetrotter badge, just click on it and it'll tell you the number of jobs you've done. Hope this helps too.

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Good advice Norm! Once you figure out how many shops you successfully did, you just multiply that by 20 (the current number of points that is awarded for each successfully completed shop) and you get a rough approximation. If you want to get more precise, you can add the number of points gained from iSSprep courses (if you did them) - completing the iSS 101 and 102 courses will give you points as if you completed several shops, completing the Mystery Shopping Fundamentals course will give you that many points too. Opinion Polls also give you points, but not a lot. Going even further into detail, you can calculate the number of points you lost, if you haven't been deleting your emails - just search your inbox for all emails notifying you of Cancelled or Declined shops - you loose 30 points for each of them, unless the MSP restores your points in a specific situation.

I probably went into way too much detail here, and there is no real need to know your exact score at any given moment (the point of the Reputation badge was to simplify things and eliminate the need for this) - but for the curious ones, you can get a pretty good estimate by doing a bit of simple math :)


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There aren't always opinion polls to do.

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