RESOLVED: Home phone must be a string

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Im returning after a very long absence. Whenever I try to update certain info in the app I get this error: "home phone must be a string". What does this mean & how do I correct it?

Thank you

11 months +1 Tara_NJ 155

Maybe no dashes or other symbols such as instead of (111)122-3333 use 1234567890

Just guessing here! Otherwise I'd submit a ticket :)

11 months +1 HoldenMyOwn 3

All I was doing was trying to update my profile picture.

11 months +2 Ivan 684


My assumption here would be the same as Tara's. However, if updating your profile picture was the only change you were trying to make, and you got that error message, I definitely suggest opening a support ticket to let the developers know. Make sure to provide details - which device are you using, describe the exact steps you are taking, at which point does the error message pop up, and include a screenshot of it as well. That will help the support team solve the issue without having to reach back out to you asking for more information.


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it seems to mean no special symbols,just numbers

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So, I figured it out. I had left the home phone number blank because I don't have a home phone. I tried putting my cell phone number in that spot & now everything is good. I have no idea why that would affect my profile picture and nothing else. Thanks guys.

10 months +1 Ivan 684

Glad it all worked out!

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I glad that i can work with you great job

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Oh the woes and funs of technology. Glad it worked out too, maybe there was another mystery shopper in that phone situation?

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It means use only numbers.The wording wasn't the makes it sound like the phone should be two cans with a string.

Simply,use the numbers only,or what you would hear if speaking.

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