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Hello friends!

I have a shop this coming weekend at a furniture store with a specific employee I am supposed to evaluate. I am stressing about this one because I have no idea how to make him be the one to approach me. I have his photo, so I know what he looks like but how do I go about evaluating him? What if another employee approaches me first? I usually go into shops with an idea of what scenario I use, but I don't know how to go about this one. Does anyone have any experience with these types of shops where they have a specific employee to evaluate in a store setting? I am even thinking about cancelling this shop because I don't know if I can pull it off.



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Walk in the store and start to look at products. After few minutes, walk directly to the individual and start to asked him about a specificate products that he do not have in his store. You open a conversation from there.

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That's good advice Teloe. I also advise contacting the MSP that posted the shop and asking their schedulers - if specific instructions on how to approach and evaluate the right person are not posted in the shop description/guidelines/scenario files, then the people best suited to inform you on how exactly to proceed are the MSP schedulers and editors - it's likely that they've already encountered multiple shops where this was done, and will have some good case practices to share. Also, they are the most likely to know exactly how this process was envisioned when the shop was created.

Good luck with the shop!

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In these kind of jobs, it is especially good if you just blend in. The advice given above is good for all shoppers. The idea is for the client to stand out, not at shoppers. And as always, the MSP is the main source of any and all information about their posted shops.

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