Newbie from Corpus Christi, Tx

6 months 0 Angel_15405727823685 1

I'm new here and just got self assisgned to my first undercover mission.

6 months 0 Ivan 659

Hi Angel, welcome to the Forum, and good luck on your first secret shop!

6 months 0 Andrew_15342516161399 2

Hello fellow Texan! How did your first 'mission' go?

5 months 0 Natalie_15437093519541 4

I am also a newbee in Texas and just completed my very first assignment and still have questions but no faq section on the app

5 months 0 Andrew_15342516161399 2

What questions do you have?

5 months (Edited 5 months) 0 Natalie_15437093519541 4

My apologies, right after I posted my first sentence my phone completely crashed on me. I didnt mean to leave that clifhanger of a question without an attached explaination. Anywho, I think I have already pretty much figured out most of what my questions were concerning. I was unsure at the time how to actualy recieve payment into my paypal account. I was unaware that after starting your shop if u dont click "save" at the end of that section, that you would lose the info you had entered so far including the time of entry timestamp apparently. One question I do still have is "do we have a way to attach additional photos or videos with our report? Thank you for your time and appreciate any info on the matter.

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