Newbie looking for starting advice.

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Hello everyone!!! I am so happy to have found an application for this line of work. I've always been on the other side of the mystery shopper and realize how serious companies take this input. So being I'm new I wanted to ask for any advice or tips that would help me start with no issues. Second I would like to ask you guys if you know of any other opportunities that maybe similar to this type of work that can be shared with me? I just got laid off and am looking for any type of work I can do from home, phone or in a mobile capacity. Any advice would be greatly appreciated by my family and I. Thank you in advance. Johnny

Miami Florida

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Go to mysteryshopforum and sign up with as many companies as possible, they are on the bottom of the page. I am talking 100+


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Yes, do what Jennifer say to join many companies. However, remember that you need to prove yourself to each company. Do not spread yourself too thin initially. When you are asigned the shops, read and reread the guidelines.

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Yes, do what Linda and Jennifer said... do sign up for many companies, but don't spread yourself too thin. Pick a handful and establish yourself with on-time and accurate reports. Many MSCs evaluate reports from 1 to 10 (highest). Getting a 10 establishes you very quickly. Proper Grammar, timely, unbiased, and factual reports will aid in getting that 10!

Read the guidelines and then read them again. Then before you go into the establishment, re-read the guidelines again! Every Mystery Shopping Company (MSC) have different requirements and all are very adamant about the way the shop is performed.

Remember, you're going in to experience what an everyday customer would experience. You're not there to find fault, necessarily, but do report it if you do find it. Many newbies try too hard to find everything wrong. But you should want them to succeed with great customer service. So find the good service, too, and report on it when you experience it.

Then, right before your shop, remember to relax, take a deep breath and act natural - while play acting. =)

Have fun!


8 months +2 Ivan 684

Hi Juan,

You've got some good advice here! I also suggest checking out the following forum thread, which has a bunch of useful tips and advice listed:

I hope this helps!

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I want more shops in San Diego CA.

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Is iSS the only place you go to pick up shops?

8 months +1 Ivan 684

Hi Carmen,

If you want to see more shops, you can set the search distance filter (in the upper-left corner of the Available Shops page, above the map) to 50 or 100 miles, and click the search button (a small magnifying glass symbol in that same row) - that will show you the available shops in the wider area around you.

Thank you!

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Maybe go with the easiest ones first,or perhaps ones that don't require you to buy anything.

Reading this thread: