How often are new jobs posted? Are there certain times of year to focus on?

1 year 0 Elizabeth_15409307113688 1

It feels like things are drying up this past week (due to the holidays?) or is this just my area? Are there certain times of the month/year that jobs post?

1 year +3 MFJohnston 365

There are often fewer retail shops during the holidays as stores have all sorts of temporary workers they don't want to have shopped. Plus, this is the season where they make their money. They don't want anything to interfere with that. However, if you shop restaurants, bars, apartments, etc. you will often find lots of work.

1 year +1 Ivan 798

Thanks for the inputs MFJohnston!

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There are a lot of retail shops came out. Some of particularly you would find interesting that shoes stores and clothing. But you have to have yourself signed up to many of MS companies. I found myself joined more than 20 MSC over 4 years.

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