What happens to info when shop is declined

14 days 0 Debora_15465415143356 2

After a shop is completed and then subsequently declined- what happens to the info? If all questions are answered and pictures taken- who gets that info.

In in my opinion if I am not being paid for it then I do not believe the shop questions and answers or pictures should be shared with the company involved.


14 days 0 MFJohnston 179

If your shop is declined, there is something significant wrong with the way you conducted the shop. The data is considered unusable to the client and tossed. The MSC then hires a different contractor to redo the shop. Nobody gets paid for your work when the shop is declined.

12 days 0 Tara_NJ 112

Did someone tell you they'd be sharing your report with the client?

11 days 0 Debora_15465415143356 2

Missed one step- asking an employee a question - seems to be lots of info and pictures submitted potentially available for the client even though the shop was deemed not complete.

11 hours 0 Kevin_15027958065114 9

YYou were not given a chance to correct? Never heard of that.

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