Increase score!?!

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I’ve been paid for all my shops but 1. I was new but my score is -80. !?!?

Are we able to actually talk to someone who works for ISS?

I go above and beyond to meet expectations?!

I don’t get the communication I get from other Merchandizing companies, they all love me and hope I get on their projects. Why doesn’t ISS Like me?

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Each assignment is given a certain number of points. If you complete the assignment and it gets accepted then you will have the points added. If your assignment is incomplete or gets rejected, you get minus the same amount of points you would of received if the shop was completed. I believe the MSP that gave you the negative points would be the best person to contact regarding points. Hope that helps

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I'm a year late to reply, but better late than never :)

  • Yes, you can talk to someone who works for iSS - the number is 888-563-4111. Phone operators may not always be available, so it's usually a better option to open a support ticket (or send an email at and explain the issue/question in writing.

  • That is so great to hear!

  • iSS does like you - and all other shoppers :) iSS doesn't post shops, nor pay shoppers, nor manually award or take away points for any assignment-specific reason. iSS is just the software platform where shops are posted and reports filled in. As Crystal said - you get points whenever your shop is approved (same number of points for every shop, 20 points currently). You don't lose points when a shop is sent back to you as "Incomplete", but you do lose them when it the report is Declined, or when the shop is Cancelled before being done (-30 points in both cases). Points are lost every time a shop is cancelled or declined regardless of the reason. This system is in place to ensure the Mystery Shopping Providers that the shops they posted will be done when they are scheduled to be done, and to encourage shoppers to do their shops on the scheduled date and according to guidelines. The MSP that posts a shops is responsible for that shop, so if you believe you shouldn't have lost points for a cancellation or a decline, they have the ability to restore your points if they deem it appropriate.


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