New and need pointers

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I have been doing simple mystery shopping jobs and would like to know if there is a real possibility of making good money fr ok m doing this. If so what do in need to know? Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jeremy, and welcome! You can find a collection of tips and advice on the following thread:

Additionally, going to the website and completing the iSS 101, 102 and 103 courses (which are completely free and don't take long to do) is a good way to start and learn a lot early on.

As for making money - yes, there are people who use mystery shopping as their primary source of income, as well as people who only do a shop or two from time to time - it all depends on the availability of shops in your area, and your willingness to do them. I found a discussion about income from shopping on the following thread, I hope you find it useful:

I hope this helps!

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