Double standard

Poll ends: 10 months Poll: Have you experienced this apparent double standard?

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6 months (Edited 6 months) +1 Norm 168

Everyone can make a mistake and an error, regardless of technology used. But it's good that we catch them and hopefully get them corrected. We all help each other as shoppers.

6 months +1 Michele_15032031952719 81
Kristi_15151944492348 @ Jan 6, 2018 12:15:37 AM
I have been an editor. Trust me, that is most likely there because people need the reminders.

I have seen some reports come in that were so horribly written, I could barely understand what they meant. I am talking things like this: “the costumer service persen did a job and I liked how dey dun their job.”

I WISH I was exaggerating. And then I could always tell when someone used voice recognition rather than type it out.

Halloween is coming up."Costumer" services may be in demand.

4 months 0 LINDA_14996614317791 52

I focus on doing a good job--I am being paid, after all. I spend no time worrying about the spelling of others.

4 months 0 Ivan 639

That's a very nice attitude! :)

17 days 0 Caroline_in_Cali 2
Janis_15062390042098 @ Nov 20, 2017 9:34:52 AM
Usually prefaced with strong threats . . . from time to time for clarification of the guidelines that were so badly butchered thay were incomprehensible! Major pet peave!

You spelled "thay" wrong. In the US, anyway, it's spelled "they."

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