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2 months 0 Sparkles 3

I don't think silliness should occur during iSecretShops. I try to be professional, follow directions and avoid anything else.

2 months +2 AZCross 68

This really depends on the shop honestly. For the apartment shops, I normally ask the leasing person at least one pretty dumb question to see what their reaction is, especially when it comes to them overcoming an objection. On my last one I asked her if they had a model unit available to see because I'd be moving without any furniture and I'm terrible with decorating, but want to get back into dating so I'd like the place to look nice if I end up meeting someone. Just small talk really, but as someone that works with the public... I get asked some really off the wall questions weekly so I think it would add to the persona of you being an average person and not someone grading them which might actually ruin the shop.

2 months 0 Kara_16989524263361 36

I completely agree with being professional and following directions. However, I feel like no matter how much you prepare or stick to a scenario, once in a while something unexpected happens that you have to improvise a response to. That's when I feel like things can get a little silly.

26 days 0 plants4jenio 15

I agree that being “silly” takes the pressure off. Working in retail as long as I did in my life, I can tell you it is so easy to spot a secret shopper that is uptight, etc. Following the rules and guidelines is a must - soften the edges a bit to blend in, though.

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