Party Man

1 year +1 Martin_Canada 24

My most interesting shop was a telecom shop. The employee I was interacting with was bragging to me how the store treats him so well and they had a huge party last night. His name tag stated "Party Man". It was obvious the employee was still hung over from the night before. Needless to say, after my report (and I am sure a few customer complaints) I have never seen that employee at the store again. :-)

1 year +1 Patrick_15178940317986 74

I had a retail shop recently the included a 10 minute observation period. For the first four minutes the subject talked with another sales person instead of interacting with the many customers passing by. After 7 minutes, the subject packed up and left, leaving no indication they were to return. Upon asking the sales person the subject was talking to, I find out they went to lunch maybe and should be back in 30 min. 45 minutes later I ended the shop, the subject had not returned.I called it in, was told to write it up. It was approved, thankfully. But that was an interesting report.

1 year +2 HeatherAnnie 54

I had a report that asked me to note any factors that I felt may have contributed to the location's level of cleanliness, other than employee neglect.

Well, let's see... as soon as I got out of my car, a man walked right in front of me and started urinating on the building. A few minutes later, a young lady (who was already missing her shoes) wobbled up to the bushes and started vomiting, before passing out and being carried away by her companion. So unless the single employee can abandon the cash register and clean the whole place every few minutes, probably not his fault X-D

1 year +3 Ivan 659

OMG! That sounds like something you'd see in a Hangover movie, not on a shop :D

1 year +2 Line 4

I agree Ivan...

1 year +2 Stephen_15058269088589 1

Guy came up and puked on my bike? That would be an interesting write-up............."Hazard compensation"?

11 months +2 Brandy_15276298678438 4

I had a fast food employee flat-out ask me for a tip. He shook the tip cup at me. When I said I didn't carry cash, he offered to include it as a charge and run it on my card. Hard nope. You bet I included that in the report!

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