6 years 0 Avery 1

I have a shop to do at a restaurant today at 11.

but I’ve been sick with a stomach bug.

how hard is it to reschedule?


6 years 0 Norm 191

Hi Avery,

Sorry you are under the weather. Had the same thing myself a couple of weeks ago. The best thing to do at this point since your shop is today is to

CALL the MSP scheduler directly, the sooner the better, and explain what's up. They can reschedule the shop for another day. If you don't get the scheduler for the shop, ask to speak to any scheduler. This way, the shop doesn't get cancelled and you don't lose points for not competing it. Hope that helps and feel better soon.

5 years 0 Judie_15334734041603 3

I had a restaurant scheduled for this past Sunday, needing to take a guest, which was planned to take my daughter, on Saturday about noon, my daughter had something to come up she had to take care of with her family, I was left to find someone else in a hurry, I reached out to 4 friends who could not go with me, I then sent an email to my msp person to let her know I may have to reschedule, I got a reply a few hours later asking for another date. but luckily in those few hours, I did find someone, so no need to reschedule after all, I was very happy with the entire situation, I did not want anything counted against me if I could not do the shop as scheduled but happy to know my msp was going to help me.

5 years 0 Norm 191

Most schedulers at MSPs are glad to reschedule, so as not to lose a shop or other things. Glad you found that extra someone. I've been in that situation myself on one of those "guest" shops.

5 years 0 Michele_15032031952719 368

It is good to reschedule if you think you have somethng contagious!

5 years 0 LINDA_14996614317791 182

I also had the flu a few weeks back. The scheduler, Amanda was very understanding and rescheduled the shops for me.

5 years 0 Sue_15510241853011 3

I schedule my shops with the full intention of completing them. Life happens and sometimes it is unpredictable. I hope there would be some flexibility to reschedule, should something occur that makes it impossible to keep the date.

5 years 0 LINDA_14996614317791 182

I would not count on flexibility, but flexibility in the case of an emergency. Schedulers need to know that they can count on their shoppers. When they know they can count on you, you will receive more shops!

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