Ok trying to figure this out?? Help

11 months +1 Casie 1

Question ok so I read everything . It says more instructions attached ....Attached where?? I feel so stupid but I'm so confused?? Any help explaining this to me would be appreciated!

11 months +1 Ivan 798

Hi Casie,

Some shops have attached files that contain specific guidelines, instructions, a specific scenario, etc. On the desktop website, those files should be available as attachments on the shop page, and if I recall correctly, they should be either at the bottom of the page or above the sections.

If there are no attachments at all and the shop details indicate that there should be some, then I suggest reaching out to the schedulers and asking - perhaps they forgot to include the file when setting up the shop.


11 months +1 Christina_15616085309456 1

Where do you find the shops that you scheduled/ signed up to do???!!

11 months +1 Ivan 798

Hi Christina,

You can find all shops that are assigned to you on the Assigned Shops page.

As for the shops you requested and are awaiting for those requests to be approved by schedulers, you can find those on the Requests page.

I hope this helps!

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