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In the days before reports were submitted on line, I would usually complete a form and fax it in. There was a gas station which I frequently shopped, and I noted on my report that there were no paper towels in the men's room. Once, as I was returning the men's room key, I mentioned to the attendant that there were no towels. He pointed to MY REPORT, where I immediately recognized my own handwriting, posted on the glass service bay window behind him, and said that someone kept reporting them for not having paper towels. He added that they did not provide them because people kept tossing them into the toilet and causing a clog requiring a plumber's attention. I had a hard time just letting that pass.

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LMAO that's pretty funny. I see signs at restaurants, gas stations, etc. about not putting paper towels down the toilet, guess they didn't think of that one?

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Yes, people don't care because it's not their home and don't have to pay th plumbing bill for the clog.

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Does anyone know how to reset the self assigned limit? Thx!

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Hi Jeff,

I think your thread got hijacked! I think sometimes the shops I visit know I am a mystery shopper as well because I have been doing it for a very long time so it is nice to have a variety of company's to work for. It sure would be nice to know certain things sometimes as to why they do what they do and don't do just as they probably wonder why we say certain things. Communication is key in life but unfortunately it is a one way street in this job as we do not talk directly to them.

Anyways I just wanted to say I hear you!


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