Valet attendant Asked how my Meeting was going

3 months +2 Anita_15338404331127 2

So I was in the middle of a Valet Shop, and I was sitting past the bar in the hotel lobby chairs in a corner. I had told the valet attendant that I was at the hotel for a meeting.

Well ten minutes after parking, he came over to me and asked how my meeting was going! I was just sitting there on social media. It was very awkward. I guess he wanted me to KNOW that he KNEW that I was not actually at a meeting! Why not just ignore me and keep it moving.

3 months +3 SethB 45

I imagine it was a joke. I worked conferences at a resort for years and there were always people that were supposed to be in meetings but were on their phones in the lobby or in armchairs in the hall. Once, I was instructed to hide a "buttery Chardonnay" under a buffet table so a gentleman could leave come out of the meeting and get another "Sprite Zero". Needless to say, we were a little bit more discreet than the valet you encountered and I would have never made a joke to a guest like that. But, I don't think he meant anything by it.

3 months 0 Anita_15338404331127 2

I think he was letting me know that he was on to me, and that he knew I was the mystery shopper!

1 month 0 Catherine_15526032049898 1

I would have just said "Boring! I guess I'd better get back in there" then head for the bathroom.

1 month 0 Mark_15813485889672 32

Too funny, thanks for sharing!

24 days +2 DavidMS 6

Doubtful that he knew. I go to a lot of conferences and many are in hotels. People are constantly going out in the lobby to make phone calls, avoid having to sit in boring meetings, etc. I'm sure he was just making small talk.

In that situation I would have said "Well I've been waiting on this guy and don't know where he is. I'm going to leave soon if he doesn't show up. The nerve of people!" Now you look totally normal when you go back to get your car in a short period of time.

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