4 years 0 Kevin_15027958065114 74

I was banned from a certain client when I gave 2 weeks notice on rescheduling an easy to fill shop. Is this a common or acceptable practice?

4 years +1 Michele_15032031952719 368

maybe they have a lot of shoppers who live nearby who can easily do it. Don't know if it's common though.

4 years +1 KelliR 29

It’s not really common if it’s your first reschedule I would reach out to them and ask to try again.

4 years +1 Mark_15813485889672 32

Sorry to hear that Kevin, hopefully you find a remedy to your situation.

3 years 0 Norm 191

Very sad, but often times when you cancel a shop, especially if its your first one with an MSP, they frown upon that and decline/delete you from their system. Its rare, but it does happen.

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