How do you see your point's?

3 years +1 Dorothy_Marie 3

I'm just now getting my point's back up from a terrible situation I created for myself. Long story short I requested 4 CCA Audit's at jewelry stores that were all very close to each other so it would've been so easy for me, but that day I broke my phone and it took me about a week to get a new one. So all my shop's were not done I couldn't contact the MSP to let them know so they were all unassigned and I lost point's for each one. That had my score at around -200 which was terrible and took a lot of work to get my point's back up considering none of my requests were getting approved and the one's that I did complete barely were moving my point's up to zero. Now I've done a few shop's since breaking past the 0 score level and even paid to take the fundamentals exam for $9.95 even though I knew it already as well as the ID Verification process for $9.95. So now I can't see how many point's I actually have and I feel like I should be able to after all my hard work. Any suggestions on how to get that? Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond if you do!

3 years +1 Jason_Southwood 2

I can't see mine either.

3 years +1 MFJohnston 388

I don't even know how to see my points - it's not that important to track them. What is important is to only take jobs you will definitely complete and to do them well. Your "points," "ranking," "reputation," whatever will go up in time. It's all about being a reliably great shopper. Schedulers who see that you have completed assignments for them consistently will give you more. If you develop a good professional relationship with a scheduler, you'll tend to get most assignments - not matter where your "points" are. Likewise, even you have a billion points, if you burn a scheduler a couple of times, you won't get assigned work.

The ISS platform uses these rankings to determine your self-assigning privileges and to give schedulers unfamiliar with you a quick tip about your reliability, so, yes, you want a good score. However, watching it won't make it higher. Just complete your shops and it will take care of itself.

3 years +2 Ivan 944

If your score is positive, you won't see the points themselves - you'll just see your badges. Your points are collected by the system, on the "back-end" side of things. Your score is reflected in your Reputation badge - the higher the score, the higher the level of that badge. As you accumulate more points, you will see it progress towards higher levels.

The reason for this method is mainly that there are over a million shoppers on iSS, over two dozen MSPs, dozens/hundreds of editors and schedulers, etc. - so the system of badges represents your experience as a shopper much better than just a simple collection of points. It tells schedulers your overall level of experience, how reliable you are, how long you've been using the iSS system, which types of shops you've had experience with (and how much), etc, etc.

And I agree with MFJohnston - take jobs you will definitely complete and do them well, and you'll see your ranking grow, as well as your professional relationships with the schedulers.


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