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3 years +1 Martin_Canada 122

Anyone do Field Agent shops in Canada? I don't mind their Tim Horton free food audits but has anyone seen the mystery shops? $3.50 pay! LOL - I almost fell over when I first saw this. Also gave up on the Costco scavenger hunts. Has anyone ever found one of these items? :-)

3 years 0 Russell_In_Canada 31

I do Field Agent now and then. The Costco scavenger hunts are stupid. Even if you put the product code they are looking for in the Costco website, most of them don't show up. I have done other product displays, covid compliance and a couple of fast food shops with FA.

Roger _16028598402705
3 years +1 Roger _16028598402705 3

FA sucks who wants to waste time hunting for products you probably won't find or a $4 audit? No thx here

3 years (Edited 3 years) 0 Martin_Canada 122

I like the free product ones but agree with the audits. Some of them now pay 75 cents! I thought $3.50 was bad.

2 years 0 Lisa_15082773336368 1

Many of these store's employees are bound to offer assistance. Are we to shoo them off and work covertly? Especially the liquor stores and boutique pet stores I would feel conspicuous.

2 years +2 Simone_16141064346393 2

We do alot of Field Audits here in Florida in the US and love it. We did the Seltzer shops and spent $120 on all the alcohol and then got back a little uner $200. Totally worth it and so quick and easy to do!

2 years 0 Vb7 1

Just started with FA. Snagged a couple of missions for free products. Haven't had a chance to do the displays in store yet, but wouldn't the instruction of going around the perimeter 3 times make it obvious you are there for a mission?

2 years +1 Martin_Canada 122

Photos can be challenging to be honest. Read the instructions carefully as they FA is really specific in what type of photo they are looking for.

P.S. Can I move to Florida? They don't have alcohol shops in Canada!

2 years 0 Janice_15996426424221 1

Where can I find FA shops?

6 months 0 Billie_16883547807566 10

I never do the scavenger hunts on any apps. They take too long and you can find the UPC codes.

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