PayPal Email

1 year 0 Rachelle_16586868252051 2

Can someone explain why we need to provide the PayPal email?

Is it because funds will be distributed using the PayPal "Send" feature as opposed to using our PayPal routing and account numbers for direct deposit?

9 months 0 Carrie_78666 4

Yes they pay either by PayPal or Venmo. Some only pay via PayPal send.

4 months 0 Rachelle_16586868252051 2

Thank you.

3 months 0 Demetrius_16684690388842 1

is Venmo more consistent than Pay Pal? I'm at the end of my rope with those people. they are horrible when it comes to paying.

3 months 0 Sariahhh 52

All of the MSPs I have available contracts for only accept paypal email as payment.

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