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Hello all! I am Cheneada and am new to mystery shopping. I love it and I am trying to get more opportunities to earn bigger pay outs. i even paid for the 10 dollar course thinking that would give me a shot but I got a message to come to this page to do a audit shop and I am not understanding what is going on here. Can someone shed some light for me?

What is shopping scout certified?

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It is so the companies can see that you are a good choice to assign the shop. The amount of jobs and shops that you are able to choose from really comes down to what jobs exist near you. I go thru the same thing. You just have to try to do the shops available to you even if the money isn’t worth it, cause that is the only way you may see some more shops. Also if you request the job and don’t get it, or you are unsigned your limit. You can still email the msp and request the shop and for the most part they gave it to me. Also make sure you have done all of your courses that are available to you. It takes time believe me and like I said before sometimes there is nothing you can do but wait to see what companies near you are gonna be using secret shopping companies. I also would try other secret shopping apps also. Hope I answered your questions

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The number and type of jobs is all about location, location, location! I live in a very rural area in northern NM, my town has about 43,000 people, and the whole county only 75,000! I am able to go an hour or so into CO to do shops, and also 2 or so hours into AZ and UT. I found that the more sites you sign up with, and complete their certifications, the better the opportunities you will get.

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I also keep getting the “shopping scout certified” message but cannot click on the link in the error message. I have completed all certification offered.

I found the answer. I was able to log in to a new website with the info provided, This site will explain how to take a virtual training and becoming shopping scout certified. Hope this helps.

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What is shopping scout certified ??

I just signed up .

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I also signed up. That's Fantastic. I'm so glad I decided to check out the forum. Thank you.

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What kind of shops have you. Done with this?

What kind of shops have you. Done with this?

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