What happened to the Badge program?

2 years +1 Joni_15371360665570 3

Did ISS stop the stars and badges. I cant't find them anywhere on the site since the redid the website.

2 years +2 Lindsay_15550804223465 2

I'm new to this site, but in a month they are giving me all kinds of badges and stuff. I don't even know what they are

2 years +2 Jason_CO 17

The badge program is still in full effect! You can check on your specific badges and progress by clicking on any of the badges or your Reputation Rank from the main shopper dashboard. Also, an excellent reference that breaks down the badge system can be found here: https://www.secretshopforum.com/thread/1/2/205/the-badge-system#post1125

I hope that helps!

2 years +2 Ivan 929

Thank you for the reply Jason - that's exactly right! :)

2 years 0 Michele_15032031952719 221

I can see them.

2 years (Edited 2 years) 0 ThatGuyE 3

I am new so i need to start earning those badges! :) Can't wait for my first mission on this platform.

2 years (Edited 1 year) 0 Michele_15032031952719 221

What work is available in yppur area?

You will earn badges in no time.

11 months +1 Norm 191

As you earn badges, it will open up more shopping opportunities with MSPs, as they do look at your diversity of badges.

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