2 years +6 Denise_15591989072625 1

I have to thank and recognize Julie M. Project Coordinator for JANCYN, for being over the top the best scheduler I have ever worked with! She went out of her way to contact me to conduct the shops she needed and in return I've been absolutely loyal, reliable and efficient to her needs! Communication with her is clear, understandable and she's quick to respond to my emails to provide me with whatever questions I have for her. Thank you once again for having me at mind when shops are in my area and for really showing how much you enjoy your work. That gives me a lot of motivation to keep reaching and achieving my goals!!

2 years +1 Ivan 929

That is so incredibly nice to hear! :)

1 year 0 Mark_15813485889672 32

Excellent to hear, I hope I get the opportunity to work with her on future shops.

11 months +1 Norm 191

Yes, Jancyn is is great MSP to shop with.

6 months +1 Sher 5

Gerry is also a great Schedular to work with. She is extremely nice and easy to work with.

5 months 0 Michele_15032031952719 221

That is good to know.

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