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Hello any advise.. do i need to file a tax for the mystery shop payment that i received. It's not that much it's like 300$ only so far.. is it necessary for me to file an income tax? Thank you..

11 months 0 Geoffrey_15668284433033 27

Yes, it's income but read your contractor agreement and consult your local tax authority

11 months 0 Cashmanwannabe 1

You usually have to make over $600 a year before you have to file, at least in my state

11 months (Edited 11 months) 0 Byron_15977989682121 3

Thank yiu

Thank you, is that here in canada?

10 months +1 Geoffrey_15668284433033 27

The way I read the contracts for Canada is you claim any income for work, now the issue of taxable benefit of items reimbursed is another issue. I have an email from shopping contractor saying to toss the items after so I see that as a non taxible benefit. Also as a contractor I feel you should write off related expenses: say dataplan usage, or for those that require a data tablet that cost.

10 months 0 Byron_15977989682121 3

Thank you very much.. i will do this..

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