Service Sense

1 year +2 Jamie 2

I have worked with a lot of good people at a lot of good companies in my short time. But at the moment, one company that shines for me is Service Sense. I know it is a very small company, but they are one of the best so far. To Amy, Bill and Linda, the only people I have worked with over there, thank you for who you are, the job you do, and how you do it!


1 year +1 Jennifer 8

How very nice! Thank you for letting us know!

1 year +1 Cecilia_15132407106831 1

I haven't had a lot of personal dealings with the people at Service Sense, but they have good shops, and the reports are easy and not fussy.

7 months (Edited 7 months) +1 Norm 168

Every secret shopping company is different, but as long as they all use service sense, and common sense, it makes mystery shopping fun. Happy hunting and shopping

5 months 0 Michele_15032031952719 82

What kind of businesses were those?

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