Service Sense

1 year +2 Jamie 2

I have worked with a lot of good people at a lot of good companies in my short time. But at the moment, one company that shines for me is Service Sense. I know it is a very small company, but they are one of the best so far. To Amy, Bill and Linda, the only people I have worked with over there, thank you for who you are, the job you do, and how you do it!


1 year +1 Jennifer 8

How very nice! Thank you for letting us know!

10 months +1 Cecilia_15132407106831 1

I haven't had a lot of personal dealings with the people at Service Sense, but they have good shops, and the reports are easy and not fussy.

2 months (Edited 2 months) +1 Norm 168

Every secret shopping company is different, but as long as they all use service sense, and common sense, it makes mystery shopping fun. Happy hunting and shopping

11 days 0 Michele_15032031952719 53

What kind of businesses were those?

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