Problems with making calls thru iSS

4 months 0 HENDERSONJ1891 2

I am not able to complete my shop because it hangs up on me before I can select a number, then if it does go thru an automated voice comes on the line saying either goodbye or please try your call again later. Ugh!!! I did so much to prepare for my very first shop, and it didn't even go through and launch the call. Is anyone else having issues? Or am I doing something wrong?? Any help is very very much appreciated as this is my only source of income due to unfortunate circumstances. I really need this to work so I can feed my children and myself. Oh, and just to add insult to injury because I didn't complete the assignment I have a score of -20 beside my name...I hope that's not a tool they use to define the quality of your work cause that'd be so unfair considering I'm having technical difficulties.

4 months 0 Ivan 929


My advice would be to reach out to the MSP responsible for the shop and let them know. They can restore your points if needed, give you further instructions, or let you know to open a support ticket if the issue is technical.

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