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2 years 0 Lynette 3

Why are some shops self-assigned and others are requested with no reply for days? Also, some are to the exact day and time you predict to shop and others are any time within a few days time-frame which is manageable. Is there a better way to plan a schedule with the shops ahead of time?

2 years +1 Meghan 15

Great question! Self Assign is when you are automatically assigned to a shop without a scheduler having to review your request. Every shopper has a self assign limit based on their rank/experience on the iSS platform. You will Request shops after you have reached your self assign limit OR you may come across some shops that do not allow Self Assigns, as the scheduler has to review each request and accept manually.

Each MSP handles their own scheduling and reviewing/accepting of requests, so depending on the shop and date you are requesting, the time to review and decision requests may vary.

I hope this helps! Have a fantastic day!

2 years 0 AndrewW 8

To elaborate on Meghan's reply above: In many cases, it depends on how the Mystery Shopping Provider published their shops. They may post them as self-assign projects, or they may require requests based on client requirements.

How long each one takes to adjudicate a request is up to the scheduler(s) responsible for that project and location - and we cannot speak on their behalf.

And as Meghan said, if the shop is allowed to self-assign, but you are unable to for another reason (like being at your self-assign limit) you are stillable to request. If the company responsible for the shop you are intereted in has not responded in a reasonable period of time, you may always contact them directly.

Thank you and have a fantastic day!

1 year 0 Yevgeniy 5

Good to know this info helps thanks

1 year 0 Brittany_15177208974399 1

II'm extremely new to all this. What is a self assigned shop and how do you do it/complete it/submit it?

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