Can I get some variety??

2 months 0 Jane_16203437126049 2

I see there are badges for bowling, bars, insurance, grocery, education, etc., but nothing like that ever shows up on my Available Shops. All I see is convenience stores and bridal shops. Is this because of where I live? Because of how long I have been a shopper? My reputation rank? Can someone please explain? Thank you.

1 month 0 Adri 1

bridal shops sound fun :)

1 month +1 Jane_16203437126049 2

Still wondering about my lack of opportunities to shop other kinds of stores, institutions, etc. I'm in a large metropolitan area but do not see a lot of diverse Available Shops. . . . Any ideas?

1 month 0 Renee_16083950512791 1

I don't understand why I am getting shop offers from only one company when I have a very high rating.

1 month 0 Geoffrey_15668284433033 27

Wow Renee you are really highly rated

1 month 0 MFJohnston 388

Hi Jane -

There are a huge number of "categories" that will represent shops in all areas of mystery shopping. Companies come and go. They gain and lose clients, etc. Plus, iSecretShop only supports a small percentage of the mystery shopping companies available and you are likely only seeing the shops available near you, as opposed to worldwide. In other words, we all see categories of shops that do not correspond to the shops that we don't see. However, it is very possible that we will see such shops next month, year, etc. Or, if we search out other sources of shopping, we could find those shops offered elsewhere.

Renee -

Not all companies actively pursue shoppers. Some are able to assign all of their shops without specifically reaching out.

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