Allow Chance For Editing. Where to view notes and criticism?

1 year 0 Jon_15098054239227 1

I did a shop and it was rejected because of too many grammar errors. I didn’t realize how terrible I did after spending over two hours of writing.

This wasn’t the first shop I’ve done but the first rejected.

I can’t find any record of the shop to review it again.

1 year 0 Tara_NJ 145

I know before you submit a shop the app lets you review all your info that you input. I'd recommend next time just go through every page once or twice before submitting. We all make mistakes in the beginning. Good luck!

1 year 0 Ivan 673

That's a great point Tara! And Jon, you can always send an email to the MSP and ask their editors for feedback on your grammar, to ask if the reports are satisfactory, etc.

Thank you both for mentioning this!

1 year 0 MandaPanda 1

You might also try to see if there are any word processing programs (Word, Grammarly, et cetera) which can help you. It helps to have the shops as saved documents, anyway.

1 year 0 Christina 2

Very good advise! I am always learning on these jobs.

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