Can web/phone email shop assignments be a possible glitch?

13 days 0 Ginger_16558983598578 1

Just wondering when I got my email today, that 3 web/phone shops were available, one for $50, the last two for $100 each. But after immediately signing into my iSS, they weren't available, and what was available were shops only paying $4.50-$10.00 each! I searched for the original shops that we sent to me through the app under the selection of category choices and couldn't find them anywhere. Can anyone tell me what happened from the time I opened my email to the time I opened my iSS? Has anyone here ever experienced this type of thing before? Because honestly, I have not. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

12 days 0 karen_15179387882165 1

do i have to pay the 9.00 before i can do any shops? I am lookin forward to just web shops and phone shops for now

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