Irritating reorginizing

1 year 0 Esther 1

Can I just mention how completely and totally irritating and annoying it is that every time you leave a shop description in ISS it reorganizes itself? I am looking to mass apply for several shops in my area, the day and time frame that suit me, and when I click onto one of them - whether I apply or not - the whole list reorganizes itself and I have to SEARCH FOR THE SHOPS I WAS JUST LOOKING AT ALL OVER AGAIN. Sometimes, it's more effort than it's worth and I'll let shops go and not choose them because it's too much effort to hunt them down every 5 minutes when I was JUST LOOKING RIGHT AT THEM. So I don't know who does your coding, but please fix this. It sucks.

1 year 0 Ivan 630

Hello Esther,

The order is changing as new shops are being added, and existing ones are being assigned. We cannot change this due to the sheer volume of shops that are circulating in system at any given time. I would suggest using your browser's "Find" option (Ctrl+F on PC browsers) and putting in a key word, or shop ID number to quickly search the page.


1 year 0 HeatherAnnie 54

This bugs me too! Even if we could open up the shop in a new tab without disturbing the list, that would be a big help :(

This also happens when you try to sort your assigned shops. However, when I use the app on my phone, they stay sorted by due date, then distance.

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