iPhone app doesn't sync my reputation level

2 years 0 AHizzle 1

Noticed the latest app update doesn't sync my reputation status on the iphone app . My "Progress Towards Next Level" reads 0%. The badges seem to be syncing correctly. Anybody else having this issue?

2 years 0 Ivan 673


Is it possible that you have recently received a new level? In that case, "Progress Towards Next Level" being 0 is perfectly normal.

If you think it should be higher and/or it is higher on your profile on the website, I would recommend uninstalling the app and then re-installing again, as that usually helps.

I hope I helped!

11 months +1 Deb_15347128933467 3

You might try signing out of the app and logging back in. That fixed a problem I had with something else.

11 months 0 Ivan 673

That's good advice Deb!

It's usually best practice to try that whenever you're experiencing any issues with the app - logout, close the app, then log back in. If that doesn't work, you can try uninstalling and them reinstalling the app to ensure yoi have the latest version, and if that doesn't solve the problem either, you should open a support ticket to have the developers look into it - just make sure to provide as much details as possible.


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