Map search?

1 year 0 Jane_15031708341246 2

I live 2 hours from my daughter - I’d love to make an adventure when I go visit her and see a MAP search option. Maybe it is available and I’m missing it??

Thanks in advance!


1 year 0 HeatherAnnie 54

I don't do route shopping, but I know there is a website for that, maybe someone can link it?

Have you tried

Here on isecretshop, you can search for available shops in different areas. Try looking up a few zip codes between your location and your daughter's location. Then search for available shops within the smallest radius from those zip codes.

1 year 0 Ivan 673

That's good advice Heather - finding zip codes and searching by that is exactly what I would do!

And also, with the iSecretShop app, if your GPS and location services are turned on, the available shops page will display shops near your current location, no matter where you are, so even though that method alone is not enough to plan your routes out, you will be able to grab shops "on the go", and get a general idea of what shops are there, just by checking app while you pass through.

Good luck!

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