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Why does it say I should receive notifications on my phone of new shops? I have my phone set up to receive them and only get them once a month.

2 years 0 Jennifer 8

Hello Leslie!

The notifications are set under 'Notifications' in your profile on the full website. You can choose which specialties you have badges for where you want to get push notifications for new shops. Currently this is done only on the full website and not the app.


1 year 0 LISA_15306129946301 6

Do you know what iss suite ?

1 year (Edited 1 year) +1 Norm 168

Hi Lisa, the suite refers to the methods that you can use to obtain shops, I believe. That is, you can use your desktop/laptop computer, use the mobile app on your phone, or use your phone browser and go to the main website (as the mobile app does not show the full website). Hope that is some help.

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