Badges Awarded?

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Hi All!

I just recently completed a movie shop(I loved it btw), and I thought that I might get awarded and entertainment badge for it but I wasn't. I did however receive a level up for my Legacy badge, but I was hoping for a different type of badge such as entertainment to show the different types of shops I've done. Any thoughts on how the badges are awarded and whyI didn't get that particular badge?

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I ran into the same problem with several price audit shops. The MSP says it is all up to ISS but a few months ago there were threads saying it was up to the MSP.

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Hi Wendy,

If the badge in question is a specific shop category badge, then the MSP needs to set their shop in such a way that it rewards that badge. However, keep in mind that every shop can only grant one specialty badge, so for example, a price audit at a Gas Station might be categorized the "Gas Station/C-Store" specialty, and give that badge, not the "Price Audit" one - it all depends on how the MSP categorizes their shop.

Check your badges - make sure that you didn't receive a different category badge, and if you think your shop is incorrectly categorized or not categorized at all, contact the MSP and let them know about it.


Hi guys,

I've created a new thread on the Forum regarding badges, explaining in more detail all I've managed to gather on the badges so far. I hope you find it helpful! :)

Here it is:

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