1 year 0 Bunny 4

What purpose do the badges serve?

1 year 0 Tiffany_15157881888854 2

Badges show what experience you have and help get you selected for additional shops

1 year +1 LINDA_14996614317791 67

How does one receive points on the legacy badge and what does this badge represent?

1 year 0 Ivan 673

HI Linda,

The Legacy badge shows how many years have you been an active shopper in the iSecretShop system, so the only way to get more points on it is to just stay active over the years - if you do at even a couple of shops a year, you will see that badge level increase over time.

And Bunny, exactly as Tiffany said - badges show what experience you have overall and in specific shop categories, and help get you selected for additional shops.

Furthermore, there are additional benefits - some shops are set in such a way that you can self-assign an unlimited number of them if your badge for that shop category is high enough, allowing you to bypass the process of requesting them and waiting for your requests to be approved.

Additionally, there are some badges, like Grammarian, Quality, Ethics, etc, that show schedulers what can be expected of you as a shopper, making them more likely approve your requests over requests from other shoppers.


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Where can I see my badges?

1 year +1 Tara_NJ 146

Hi Lorena, you can see your badges right under your name on the main screen or under the badges section online.

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Hi guys,

I've created a new thread on the Forum regarding badges, explaining in more detail all I've managed to gather on the badges so far. I hope you find it helpful! :)

Here it is:

Reading this thread: