APP won't load on my iPhone?

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1 year 0 Jane_15031708341246 2

I'm in secret shopper limbo at this point - I can't get the APP to load on my iPhone. I don't see an update in the APP store, I have done everything I can including rebooting phone... etc. etc.

Anyone else having this problem?

1 year 0 Erica_15156335327226 4

I’ve had problems recently when I was able to get in the app, but when I wanted to load the photo of the receipt, It took me several tries to realize that all I had to do was completely back out of the app, go back in, and try to reload the photo again. Sometimes, even when hit the “refresh” button to reload the page, it will still try to read an error in the section. Hopefully, that is that case (to go completely out of the app and then go back in). However, the program needs to be fixed if that was the case

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Yes, logging out of the app, exiting it completely, closing it, and then re-starting it and logging back in can sometimes solve a bunch of cache issues.

Also, you can try deleting the app, and then reinstalling it from the app store - that will ensure that you have the latest version.

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